Sport Invitational Games

Festival of sports came off!

On the final day of the Games, snowshoeing competitors ran distances of 50, 200, and the longest 800 m. The frosty weather was challenging for the athletes, but it was all the more pleasant to take on a warm jacket, drink hot tea at the finish, and then get a medal at the awards ceremony, which all athletes were rightfully worthy of. The guys from the Krasnodar Krai probably had the most unusual experience. Their coaches said they were preparing for the competitions at +13 outside, and in Kazan they had to get used to sub-zero temperatures.

The best time at different distances was shown by Dinara Sadikova, Sergey Geroev, Olga Pupysheva, Marina Novosyolova, Mariya Potapova, Kristina Tarasova, Oksana Zaytseva, Vasilisa Kalinina, Ekaterina Zadorozhnaya, Anna Seminikhina, Maria Yafarova, Anton Bashkatov, Aleksandr Iordan, Aleksandr Petukhov, Ilnur Khibatullin, Valery Chufranov, Alexey Andryukhin, Danil Starovoitov, Alexander Pomosov, Alexander Gaskov, Alexey Manaev, Alexander Fokin, Ekaterina Zvereva, Artem Baranov and Sergey Salmin.

“I have been training for the Games for a long while, and the first starts were exciting. But I didn’t get bewildered and ran decently. Snowshoeing is a very unusual sport, but I liked it right away. I enjoy it. I liked the organization of the Games and hopefully will come to Kazan in 2022!” Kristina Tarasova from the Irkutsk Oblast commented.

“I chose snowshoes because I really like running. The participants in Kazan are very good, and the organization is cool! I wish everyone successful performances in the future. Sport gives me good impressions and positive emotions,” Ksenia Byakhova shared her emotions.

Sviyaga Hills Ski Complex hosted the slalom finals among snowboarders and skiers. Irina Rudakova, Olga Shutova, Alexandra Davydenko, Vasily Kukhtevich, Roman Novikov, Nikita Isaev, Artem Kalichenko, Anna Tomskikh, Tatyana Bandurina, Aleksandr Bylkov, Aleksandr Nikolaev, Antonina Bobkova, and Elena Nazarzoda claimed golds in these events.

“Everybody withstood, everybody was doing a good job! The track is wonderful, the volunteers are friendly. All in all, the festival of sports came off! We were satisfied,” said Alpine skiing coach Gulya Dyudina.

“Such competitions mean a lot to us. For children, this is an additional training, they aspire to new goals. This makes them very organized, boosts their immunity. Training without competition is not quite the same thing. I want to congratulate all the guys,” said the mother of one of the participants.

The participants, their parents, and coaches thanked the organizers for their hospitality and are willing to come back to Kazan in 2022 for the Special Olympics.