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Angela Kolyadina: “Champion “of all trades”

A graduate of the special boarding school No. 4 in Moscow, she is a great achiever in various sports but plumped for floorball.

Angela began to actively go in for sports when she was five. Sergey Bykovskiy – coach of the Moscow Orphanage No. 70, where the future champion was brought up – made plenty of efforts to ensure that his wards could have an opportunity to test themselves in various sports. Badminton, volleyball, and floorball – this is all Angela put on a role in.

Participation in the Special Olympics Russia Invitational Games for the girl started with a floorball competition. She claimed first victories in badminton competitions having won the title of medalist and winner of the Invitational Games. Today, Angela is one of the team leaders, the winner of the Special Olympics Summer Games in Los Angeles (2015, volleyball), bronze medalist of the Special Olympics Austria Winter Invitational Games in (2017, floorball).

The girl admits that floorball is her main sports passion. “Floorball in Special Olympics is unlike the standard type of this sport. The field is smaller and teams play not 6x6, but 3x3 but each teammate has a higher responsibility”, Angela explains. “This is really a gambling game. You need to unite the efforts; this is largely my role as a captain.”

More recently, Angela’s all-female team has been training with young men. In the game against the male team, the pressure is greater, and this allows for increasing the classes efficiency.

“In floorball, you can train on your own, practice strikes against the boards. But only group trainings allow you to enhance your technique, passes, reaction, learn to use the rules of the game for your benefit,” Angela says. “When a new player comes, we help him reveal his strengths and exercise them on the field of play. Everyone has their own techniques, so we add them altogether for the victory.”

It is sport that helps a girl build comfortable relationships with the world outside, perceive various events through the lens of a team game, accept defeat with dignity, and learn from them.

Friends and colleagues in sports speak about Angela with great warmth – she is proud, beautiful, self-possessed, fair, and worthy of her captain’s armband. In ordinary life, a girl works in one of the Russian online markets, she likes reading books and listening to music. Angela is also the owner of a luxurious braid that is impossible not to admire.