Invitational Games

Olga Slutsker: These competitions stay out of politics; they are an evidence of human victory over the circumstances

President of Special Olympics Russia delivered a speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics Russia Winter Invitational Games in Kazan at Burevestnik Stadium.

“These Invitational Games and the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2022 that we will be delivering are a great opportunity for Russia to show itself to the whole world, take a leading position in adaptation and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities. This is necessary in order for society to rally around humanism, to draw attention to a huge group that is unprotected all over the world,” Olga Slutsker noted.

Special Olympics Russia President said that the Special Olympics movement demonstrates sport is not only about setting great records. It is also a huge opportunity for rehabilitation, social involvement, a chance for people with intellectual disabilities to feel like a part of the community and live their lives happily. There are no medal standings in Special Olympics competitions and no national flags are hoisted. These competitions are out of politics, they are evidence of a human victory over the circumstances, over what at first glance is invincible. This gives us hope and understanding that each of us can do a lot. Often, personal decadent mood of ordinary people changes when they see the strength, courage and optimism of our special athletes.

Olga Slutsker also stressed that Tatarstan has all the opportunities for a respectable organization of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2022.

“Tatarstan is a traditionally advanced modern region. The synergy of cultural historical traditions and a great desire for innovation present here inspire deep respect. I am very pleased that when defending our bid to host the Special Olympics World Games, it was not us who called Tatarstan the Sports Capital, but our foreign colleagues. The republic has got its image well recognized. There is no doubt Kazan will host the best Special Olympics World Winter Games in history. Our foreign colleagues are also sure of this, they are looking forward to seeing Tatarstan,” she concluded.