Invitational Games Sport

“I put my soul and heart into sports”


In the snowshoe race, it is time for the finals – in the first category at 25 m and the third – 200 m. Early in the morning, the athletes gathered at the Burevestnik stadium for a warm-up followed by the races. The drizzling rain did not spoil the competitors’ mood. They showed worthy results and deserved congratulations from the coaches at the finish.

In the first category for women at a 25 m distance, Anastasia Gurova from the Arkhangelsk Oblast, Darya Ivanova from the Irkutsk Oblast, and Natalya Bogdanova topped the three fastest finishers. Among men, Aleksandr Yunusov from the Sverdlovsk Oblast, Narek Stepanyan from the Novgorod Oblast, and Alexey Kruglyakov from the Krasnodar Krai showed the best time.

“In general, I play football and have recently won the Moscow championship among people with Down syndrome. I had bronze there and silver today. There are not so many competitions for people with disabilities, and we are glad to have come to Kazan. We enjoyed it so much here! The main thing was participation; we did not aim for the result, but just to perform. We hope that we will take part in such competitions regularly, and the delegation of our oblast will get bigger,” said Narek Stepanyan. “The organization in Kazan is super. I put my soul and heart into sports. I dream of being a football player. Thanks to all my teachers!”

Stella Shakirova from the Republic of Bashkortostan, Yulia Ozhogina from the Chelyabinsk Oblast, and Anastasia Kopylova from the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug ran the 200 m distance the fastest. Aleksandr Kozlov from the Krasnodar Krai, Nikolay Severinov, and Danil Mukhin (both from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) had the best results among men.

“I want to try everything, so I took up this sport. I do like the way the competitions are delivered, they help, and welcome. This is my first award in this sport. I had awards in summer sportsб for instance, in athletics,” said Darya Ivanova from the Irkutsk Oblast.

The snowshoe race will proceed on 6 February.


Many exciting and spectacular events took place at the snowboarding and alpine skiing competitions at Sviyaga Hills.

In the novice snowboarding group, Anna Kushkaryova and Victoriya Pakina showed the best results among women, Ramil Girfanov, Aleksandr Biryukov, and Rodion Rumyantsev – among men. Some guys have just started training, but thanks to their aspiration, they succeed in showing good results.

“Everything is very well organized. Many thanks to the volunteers – they help a lot. Everything goes smoothly. My guys began practicing last year, so we just get started comparing to all the rest. We are happy to have come and  see what we need to strive for, we will work on it,” said Aleksandr Shishkov, coach of Aleksandr and Rodion.

Andrey Skibin, Gleb Abdullin, Nikolay Fyodorov, and Artyom Fakhrutdinov had the best times in the snowboarding intermediate event, and Dmitry Tyufyakov and Semyon Fedotov demonstrated the highest results among the advanced competitors. Elena Nazarzoda claimed the victory among the advanced girls.

“Such competitions give athletes self-confidence. Happiness, joy from what is going on. Everything is super,” said the coach of the Saint Petersburg team Pyotr Novikov.

In alpine skiing, Yulya Galeeva, Aleksandr Nikolaev, Anna Gorshkova, Anastasiya Aksyonova, Aleksandr Davydenko, Roman Novikov, Vladislav Medynskiy, Tatyana Osina, Artyom Kalichenko, Kirill Porfiliev, and Tatyana Bandurina have the best results.

Golnur Sungatova, a coach from Kazan, “Organization is just outstanding. The track is excellent, the judges, everything is fine. The Invitational Games is about communication, contacts exchange. This is incredible social engagement.”

Snowboarding and alpine skiing competitions will proceed on 6 February.