Sport Invitational Games

Aleksandra Lisitsyna: Sports is a great happiness

The program of the Special Olympics Russia Invitational Games is made up of competitions in several sports, among which is snowshoeing. The previous day, Alexandra Lisitsyna from the Arkhangelsk Region was a solid leader of the preliminary race. Keen on sports, she not only trains and competes but also picks up a cook and waiter job.

Alexandra started the Special Olympics Russia sports competitions when she was at school coached by the physical education teacher Sergey Khromov. Her favorite disciplines are bocce and snowshoeing. Back then, while studying at the Velsk boarding school, she claimed her first medals at large-scale international competitions. Having successfully performed at the Special Olympics Russia Games2017, in 2018 Alexandra competed in the European Bocce and Unified Bocce Tournament for the national team. In Belgium, she won two silvers – in individual and doubles.

In the boarding school, Alexandra coped with participating in both sports and the creative life of the school – she had bright choreographic performances at holidays.

In 2019, Alexandra graduated from high school and entered the Severodvinsk Industrial Vocational College, where she studies as a “cook-waiter”. “I love cooking and working with food. As a waitress, I like talking with people,” she said.

According to her, studying does not interfere with sport; neither does sport do with studying. “The main thing is not to play truant and pass the tests on time. Do not miss classes with a lame excuse and find at least one or two hours for sport,” Alexandra utters. “Since my school years, friends have asked how I handle studying well and performing at the competitions. You need patience, diligence, and skill.”

At the Kazan tournament, Alexandra competes in snowshoeing. Last year, at the Games in Tyumen, the athlete won a gold medal at 400 m distance and a silver medal at 800 m. This time she has the same intention to be the first again, “Before the trip, I was in the mood to win against all the odds.” At competitions, she gets the strength from the support, be it mental, of the coach and friends from Severodvinsk.

Sport plays a vital role and occupies an important place in Alexandra’s life. “At first I didn’t understand what sport is, why everybody admires that swimming so much, but then I realized that I will get nowhere without it. I need to move, I cannot sit around. Sport is my cup of tea, this is a great happiness!” she says.