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Veronika Mayorova: “At competitions, I feel the support of coaches, at home – my family”

Veronika Mayorova took up sports at the Kazan boarding school No.1 for physically challenged children. First, she attended sports classes for table tennis and badminton, where physical education teacher Andrey Bychkov trained Veronica. She took part in the school, district, and all-Russian competitions winning the prizes. And in 2019, together with her badminton partner, Veronica entered the top three at the Special Olympics Russia Invitational Games.

Moreover, the young athlete plays football, dabbled in unified floorball, and participated in cross-country skiing competitions at the Winter Invitational Games. According to her, she is enthusiastic about endeavoring for different sports. In 2020, the leadership of the Tatarstan regional branch of the Special Olympics Russia approved Veronica Mayorova for the “Leader-Athlete” title.

The athlete has noted that it does not matter to her whether she performs at home or somewhere in another city. She also told about the preparations for Olympics: they increased trainings up to 2-3 times a week taking place on the school site. “At competitions, I feel the support of coaches, at home – my family,” the athlete told us.